Our history

The brand was born from the Founder's strong passion for cosmetics, with the aim of giving life to a line of cosmetics that includes two collections, one makeup and the other skincare, formulated 100% with natural raw materials, vegan, organic and cruelty free.

  • The name

Beautin' means "make yourself beautiful" or "take care of yourself". Beautin' mission is to create a beauty ritual that makes us feel loved. With the name we want to convey just this, the importance of taking care of yourself , starting from the little things like getting ready to start the day in the best way.

  • Research and development

Following a long laboratory research, we managed to obtain the cleanest and least harmful formulas possible for health, through the use of pure and effective ingredients, without parabens, silicones, SLS, sulphates, and artificial perfumes. Beautin' cosmetics do not contain water, so as to use as few preservatives as possible. The main ingredient of Beautin' products is organic Aloe Vera, which, in addition to acting as an aqueous base in the formulas, gives a soothing and calming effect in ALL OUR PRODUCTS, in such a way as to make them usable by EVERYONE, even consumers with hyper-sensitive skin.

Beautin' does not test on animals. Beautin', for each future product, undertakes to continue research to guarantee its customers a very high quality of ingredients.

    • Corporate mission and values
    We are convinced that what we apply to our skin should in no way be harmful to health. For this reason, we have only considered ingredients certified as harmless. Products with SPF are formulated without AVOBENZONE, OCTOCRYLENE, HOMOSALATE, OXYBENZONE (sunscreens controlled by the FDA because they are potentially harmful to health).
    • Where it was born

    Beautin' was born in Sardinia. The main ingredient is The organic Aloe Vera, which is carefully chosen directly in our land. In our products we do not use raw materials that come from abroad. This also allows us to limit carbon dioxide emissions to the maximum of our ability. All our products have been designed, formulated and manufactured in Italy, with 100% Italian raw materials.